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Apakah Anda mencari ✧˚‧ i will try to… ∥ fix you bukan? Jika demikian, silakan lihat sekarang.

✧˚‧ i will try to… ∥ fix you dari penulis.


✧˚‧ i will try to… ∥ fix you và các hình ảnh liên quan đến fix you chord này.

✧˚‧ i will try to... ∥ fix you
✧˚‧ i will try to… ∥ fix you

i do not own any of the drama clips or music shown in this video! full credit goes to the rightful owners. the song is “fix you” by coldplay (cover by bts) ♡ this has …

Anda dapat melihat lebih banyak lagu chord di sini:

Bagaimana ✧˚‧ i will try to… ∥ fix you dicari.


✧˚‧ i will try to… ∥ fix you.

Semoga Anda mendapatkan lagu yang bagus. We berharap informasi tentang lagu-lagu yang kami sediakan lebih bernilai.

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  1. Loved it…nicely done… Watched many times…. It's stays in your head 👏 👏 👏 … One of the best performance by my favorite 💜💜💜💜JungSoMin💜💜💜💜… Don't understand why this drama didn't get the recognition it deserves but awesome piece of work by writer director and actors with soulful OSTs… It's talk about mental health which is deep… If any of you like sensible drama this is the one of a Gem to give it a try…

  2. Today is such a hard day for me.and everytime i feel bad i come to watch this. 💖Just want to say thanks for this ✨masterpiece ✨
    P.S. sorry for my bad english but i really want you to know that i love it.

  3. I can't get out of here please it's a masterpiece i love them and their story and i loved the edit more i can't i want people like them in my life all of this and i didn't watch the drama yet

  4. I apologize for my English, I am writing through a translator. thanks for this clip. always when I am very lonely I watch this video. whenever I watch this video, I cry a lot, I feel loved and safe. thanks for making such a great edit on such a great drama.

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