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GRAND FUNK RAILROAD – Inside Looking Out 1969 | グランドファンク

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD – Inside Looking Out 1969

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Mark Farner guitar, harmonica, vocals
Don Brewer drums, vocals
Mel Schacher bass
\”InsideLooking Out\”, often written \”Inside Looking Out\”,is a 1966 single by The Animals. It was a substantial hit in their native land, reaching number 12 on the UK Singles Chart, number 21 in Canada, but was at best a minor hit in the United States, reaching number 34 on the U.S. pop singles chart. The song is very loosely based on a work chant entitled \”Rosie\” collected by musicologist Alan Lomax and released in his album Popular Songbook.

In 1969 it was covered by Grand Funk Railroad, who on their album Grand Funk added some marijuana references to the lyrics such as changing the original’s \”rebirth\” to \”reefer.\” A reworking of portions of the song was also recorded by the Austrian band Novak’s Kapelle in 1969 as \”Hypodermic Needle\”. It was later covered by doom metal band The Obsessed, released on their 1999 compilation album, Incarnate and again by The Greenhornes on their 2001 selftitled second album. In 2001, Eric Burdon released a live cover on Official Live Bootleg 2000.

Dan Auerbach does a live cover on his recent shows.

Other covers included by Fringe, Gerry Joe Weise, The Mops, and Layabouts. A sample from the Grand Funk version is embedded in the song \”High 5 (Rock The Catskills)\” on the Beck album Odelay.

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD - Inside Looking Out 1969

G̤r̤a̤n̤d̤ ̤F̤ṳn̤k̤ ̤R̤a̤i̤l̤r̤o̤a̤d̤- Live Album 1970– Full Album

G̤r̤a̤n̤d̤ ̤F̤ṳn̤k̤ ̤R̤a̤i̤l̤r̤o̤a̤d̤-  Live Album 1970-- Full Album

Grand Funk RailroadのWe’re An American Bandを演奏してみた[Drum Cover]

グランド ファンク レイルロード 1960年代末〜70年代半ばにかけて
アルバム ヒットシングルを連発した アメリカのハード ロック バンドで
\”We’re an American band\” はシングル曲が全米1位を獲得する大ヒットを記録しました
1973年 この頃のメンバーは
(Dr )ドン ブリューワー (Guit) マーク ファーナー (Ba) メル サッチャー (Key) クレイグ フロスト
昔のアメリカン ロックを聴いていた時に 鳥肌が立つほど感動し 私がドラムを始める

Grand Funk Rail Road Late 1960s to mid70s
An American hard rock band who ran album hit singles
\”We’re an American band\” a single song hit a nationwide top spot
1973 Members
(Dr) Don Brewer (Guit) Mark Farner (Ba) Mel Thatcher (Key) Craig Frost
When I was listening to old American rock, I was so moved that I got goose bumps and I started playing drums, the song that started


GrandFunkRailroad WeAreAnAmericanBand DrumCover

Grand Funk RailroadのWe're An American Bandを演奏してみた[Drum Cover]

C̰R̰ḚA̰M̰-̰F̰r̰ḛsh C̰r̰ḛa̰m̰–1966 Full Album HQ

C̰R̰ḚA̰M̰-̰F̰r̰ḛsh C̰r̰ḛa̰m̰--1966  Full Album HQ

アメリカン・バンド  グランド・ファンク・レイルロード


アメリカン・バンド  グランド・ファンク・レイルロード

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