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I'll Never Love This Way Again – Ukulele Cover và các hình ảnh liên quan đến i’ll never love again chord này.

I'll Never Love This Way Again - Ukulele Cover
I'll Never Love This Way Again – Ukulele Cover

A late 1 a.m. recording on this great Dionne Warwick song. I recently got a new Pono 6 string ukulele and this is the first song I learned to play on it.

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Bagaimana I'll Never Love This Way Again – Ukulele Cover dicari.

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I'll Never Love This Way Again – Ukulele Cover.

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  1. Seriously, Laura, you should have a recording contract with that voice of yours. Unfortunately, the music industry doesn't respect real talent these days, they seem to go only for the sensational. At least that's my perception, I could be wrong, hehe. Just such a beautiful cover. :) Janet

  2. Another great cover for a difficult song (vocally). The Pono sounds good and has a nice balance to it. Did you change the strings or is it the ones that came with it? The 1st course (A) octaved, yes? I have my 6 strung with the 1st course in unison and a low G. Using 6U-LSW from Southcoast:  6 String Linear Ukulele Set  w/ smooth wound basses;  
    Today many players are now using a linear form of tuning for the 6 string Ukulele.  In this set-up, the 4th string is an octave lower than with the traditional reentrant stringing, and the 1st course has unison trebles.   This incarnation of the 6-string Ukulele set features a smooth wound string for the low 4th and a highly polished round wound string for the low octave of the 3rd course.  It has the same tensions and is used in the same ways as the 6-String w/ Wound Basses immediately above

  3. Laura, that Pono six string with this song is right out beautiful !!!!  Who needs an Oldies radio station when you can come to your channel and hear all of these great songs and in my opinion Your vocals are far better than the original versions!!  Your a Blessing my Little Sis!!    –   Big Bro FLOYD

  4. What can I say about this, your singing is just so sublime, what a beautiful voice and such so professionally , this is one outstanding performance, all the best, john

  5. Well, I'd say she sure sounds warm and beautiful Laura!!  Great first recording on your new Pono!!!!  Love this song (and as you always do!!!!) you nailed it!!!  absolutely beautiful!!  Boy – loving the tone so very much!!!  I'd definitely say she's a keeper!!!

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