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Lirik 1 Mo Time.

[Chorus 2x] I know you caught me cheating
And you tired of me lyin’
Imma be honest with you baby
I know I crossed tha line
If you don’t wanna fuck with me no mo than cool that fine
But before you go babe
Can we fuck one more time

[Verse:] I know I fucked up and sorry aint
What you wanna here but I can’t change
That shit dog it is what it is.
You can go fuck another nigga if that’s how you feel
If that’s goin’ to make you feel better than gone do it hell you asked me about this lil petty
Shit and I kept it real I know that shit probably hard for you to swallow still I aint know how
Bad I hurt you til’ I seen ya tears I aint asking you to accept how a nigga live, if you feel
Like another nigga can treat you better, than it is what it is. But let the truth be told it’s
Been my pussy for years. Now you got all ya lil home girls up in ya ear just lets fuck one more
Time before you give

[Chorus 2x] [Verse 2:] I know it’s probably best for us to go our separate ways, cause I know imma fuck up again
Anyway but from my fuckin’ heart a nigga want you to stay but once you fuck up this shit can
Never be straight I know that s***s wrong I aint got shit to say bet you think a nigga didn’t
Give a fuck anyway I just had to fuck you good the other day and how that pussy was bitin’ I
Didn’t wanna scape you rode that dick so long until you started to shake and I can tell when you
Would nut I can see it in ya face imma miss fuckin’ you from the back and how I grabbed ya waist
But most of all imma miss how that pussy taste

[Chorus 2x] [Verse 3:] There aint another nigga who’s going to fuck you like I Do you can talk that shit all you want
But baby you know it’s true I know I fucked up I said I’m sorry now it’s on you. You can play
Stupid and give me away if you want too. If you say fuck it it’s over then I guess we through I
Know if I caught you cheating I’ll probably cut you loose don’t get it fucked up I ain’t tryin’ to
Tell you what to do. Whatever decision you make I gotta live with it but whatever your answer
Is just make sure you can deal with it but if we do break up imma keep tryin’ to get it this
Shit we going through right now is real silly gone cuss me out and lets fuck and gone kill it.

[Chorus 2x]

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1 Mo Time.

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