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Lirik 10 Mins..

(Joe Talking)
So what I’mma do is like
I just kinda wanted to be able to ya know
Smoke by myself
Without kinda being bothered by what a mother fucker has to say
Or without really havin to do nothin
So I’mma gonna go buy this pack of 100’s
Take me about 10 mins. to smoke a whole hundred
And I’mma flip one upside down
And I’mma take one out and I’mma light it

Just give me 10 min.
10 min. alone
To not deal with a thing
And not answr my phone
Just to ig my 2-way ig the shit in the streets
Let me smoke this 1 cig in peace
Give me 10 min
Without yall comin at me with that bull
Somtimes that’s all it takes to ruin my last pull
And right now that’s what got the kid at peace
Let me smoke this one cig n peace

(Verse 1)
Look, now there’s a couple dudes don’t wanna see me poppin
They sarcastically ssk me when your cd droppin
Gotta keep my game face they don’t leave me no option
Can’t lose my cool I know the streets keep watchin
Dudes wanna see me lose it all
But I aint come this far to fall
Let me talk to all of you dudes prayin that i lose it all
I aint come this far to fall
And I aint gotta walk around with my clip and nine
A real nigga just opened his coat to me
And said his is mine
He said call him when there’s problems
But he don’t know that there’s always problems
It only gets worse
Like, some dudes feel threatened they can’t stop me
So all they do is threaten to pop me
Well go and get your weapon and cock G
You can see it’s real here
I done been down the block all week and I’m still here
Look, you wanna know where the booze and coke at
Gangstas, gorillas, damoos, and locs at
Where the bricks where the
Where the x, where the morphine be
Take the turnpike to 14b
Now it’s back to this pussy dude threatnin to hurt me
I aint know all of this came with reppin jersey
But now it’s no secret
If the thought of jump off doin it
Makes you so heated
Nigga so be it
But certain beef will get handled if your special
Only marble in the crib is the handle on the special
My gun’s in the hood
I can’t run from the hood
Nigga my son’s in the hood
That should tell you what’s what
Soon as i feel good you retards remind me
That son it aint hard to find me
I’m at ringside anytime the fight’s on
And I’m in the big black truck with the Carolina lights on
Or you can hop on the Polasky skyway
I’m in the strip club almost every Friday
Cats is cornballs, yall dudes is bitches
Like I aint got enough problems with this music business

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(Verse 2)
Somedays I don’t wanna be bothered
Somedays I just miss my father
Somedays I just miss my father
Somedays I wanna relapse on redline
Cause he’ll be gone for 26 months fed time
I try to maintain through all this
And pray to God pop keep his same clean date in Fort Dix
My pockets flat kid
You do the math on 5.15 an hour full time after taxes
That wasn’t good enough to keep my M.O.
That wasn’t good enough to complete my demo
For real, somedays I don’t wanna be seen
And somedays I don’t shower I don’t wanna be clean
Look, sometimes the truth can hurt you
So I blow my cig smoke right at the truth commercial
Somedays I don’t wanna be bothered
Somedays I just miss my father
And even if by a miracle he makes it halfway out
It won’t be parole yall it’ll be the halfway house
Naw, that aint the right path for a budden
‘Cause we’re addicts, addicts can’t do half of nothin

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10 Mins..

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