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Lirik 100% Correct-read This One.

x x
when you look at me tell me what you see
this is what you get its the way i am
when i look at you i wanna be i wanna be
somewhere close to heaven with the neverland man

dont go,i know you want to touch me
here there and every where
sparks fly when we are together
you cant deny the facts of lieieife

you dont have to act like a starearear
trying moves in te back of your carearear
dont you know that we can go farearear
coz 2 nite your gunna get my xx
dont play thegames that you playeayeay
coz you know that i wont run a wayeayeay
why aint ya askin me to stayeayeay
cos 2 nite im gunna give you my xx

you could be mine,baby whats your star sine
wownt you take a step into the lions den
i can hear mt conciencs callin me callin me
say im gonna be a bad girl again

i cant be bothered writing the wrestbut you get the main picture

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100% Correct-read This One.

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