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Lirik 12 Bar Blues.

There’s only one bar in this town I get drunk at,
still I have open tabs at two.
I dated the waitress at the third bar I’m thinking of,
and there’s four bar in this town I can’t even go into.
My friend Kenny used to tend bar at the fifth one,
still tends bar at the sixth one too.
The seventh bar on this block has a kick-ass jukebox,
the eighth one will let you smoke inside after two.
I’ve sung songs in about nine bars in east Nashville, Tennessee, but I know I’ve been to at least ten.
I’ll always go back to good ol’ eleventh street bar in New York City, when the twelve bar blues has got me down again.

I got, twelve bar blues, too many bars to choose.
Well I will drink tonight, and get me feeling alright

How many roads must a man walk down, to find an affordable bar in the city of Los Angeles
Or even more so to find some affordable company,
seems you have to pay for the conversation there in one way or another even if you’re not directly involved.
You’re always overhearing that story about the one that got away, or the movie script that one is writing that’s gonna change everything.
Feel like if writing stuff down ever changed anything,
a lot more people would know who Philip Levine is.
He was an american poet laureate, one of my teachers forgot to tell me about him in school, probably ’cause his poems got bad words in them.
Talk about board of education, American style.

I got, twelve bar blues, too many bars to choose.
Well I will drink tonight, and get me feeling alright

So hang some taxidermy up on the wall, mute the TV.
That pool table over there gives out every other game for free.
Don’t tell anybody though, the manager doesn’t know anything about it.
That’s kind of the way it is at our bar,
it’s a litte broken and it aint that great but hell man,
it’s ours.
One time this guy came into our bar,
sang karaoke style Hootie and the blowfish.
We had to ask that guy to leave.
Not cause we don’t like Hootie though.
Hell man, I hear Hootie is an alright guy.
So Hootie this beer is for you my friend,
shine on you crazy diamond.
Don’t let the bastards get you down,
hold my hand, I only wanna be with you.

I got, twelve bar blues, too many bars to choose.
Well I will drink tonight, and get me feeling alright
Don’t you know I got, twelve bar blues,
too many bars to choose
Well I will sleep tonight, and get me feeling alright.

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12 Bar Blues.

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