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Lirik 1994.

There’s been a brand neew breakthrough
Though they’re not sure what it means
We used to blame our parents
Now we can pin it on our genes
Hey and I’m not talking 501’s
I don’t mean no pair of pants
I’m talking about a future
Where nothing’s left to chance

If you’rre dumb, fat, queer, or crazy
No one is to blame
You’ve just been dealt a lousy hand
In the genetic poker game
And if you start killing people
It’s not evil you’re not cruel
It’s just a little goop polluting
Your genetic swimming pool

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They can spot the culprit
And magnify it on a screen
Those scientists and doctors
Can pinpoint that nasty genre
And with a little engineering
They can take that wayward train
And they can get it back on track
So you’re smart, straight, thin, and sane

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Abandon what is random
Don’t you leave it up to luck
Why not submit yourself to a little
Genetic nip and tuck
Yeah we can put a man upon the moon
And we can conquer inner space
With a little genetic tinkering
We can make a master race

Now back there in the first verse
I sang that nothing is left to chance
We’re locked into a box or a goose step
In life’s dna dance
Now the future is no mystery
Finally you can make plans
Yes It’s your destiny and you won it
Just pray it stays in your hands

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