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Lirik 7a And 7b Kool Kids | Situs web menawarkan lirik terbesar di Indonesia

Apakah Anda mencari lirik 7a And 7b Kool Kids bukan? Jika demikian, silakan lihat sekarang.

Lirik 7a And 7b Kool Kids.

7A and 7B
We are 7A and 7B YEAH!!!
In 7a you have Miss Dillon
who will be b*tchin
7a, yeah

we are 7A and 7B YEAH!!!
In 7B you have Mr McDonald
who is really old
7B, yeah

so lets start with the boys
Jaydyn the really funny pedo
Marcus who had a bit too many freddos
Jack with the girls and the hair
Tom and Max who are a great pair
Samir with his great sport
And Eddy who is a bit short
Henry who ditches school
Its really lame but he thinks its cool
Arraviind with his curry
If Brandon farts youll have to hurry
Jesse picking his nose
Jareds hair as red as a rose
Amil and Dylan T who are the best buddies
Dylan Newman who really needs to study
Lei who can really dance
And Jacks unicorn that likes to prance

now onto the girls
Rikki and kassie who love one direction
breanna and nadia who have a connection
mel who gets sugar high
sakina and divya who are very shy,yeah
sharkmaine who is really funny
mel and arida call each other hunnii
then you have erana and daisy
and together they are very crazy
Leila loves listening to the collective
Hannahs singing is very effective
issy and becky who play with jacks hair
cara who is easy to scare
Brianna who is sporty
and Sanchia who is a shorty
Rachael Drew an award winning peace dove
While Olivia and Morgan sang Where is the love

We all had a lot of fun
Now it is all done
There were a lot of special relationships
That went in a flash like a packet of chips

We sang a song called lifetime
Which we sang all the time

We went together like a door and a key
Some of us will stay together
Some of us will drift apart
We may change like the weather
or go back to the start

Yeah 7A and 7B
We just said hi
Now were saying goodbye

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#Kool #Kids.

7a And 7b Kool Kids.

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