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Lirik A Lil Sumthing | The place menawarkan lirik terbesar di Indonesia

Apakah Anda mencari lirik A Lil Sumthing bukan? Jika demikian, silakan lihat sekarang.

Lirik A Lil Sumthing.

featuring Artifacts Raquel

Verse One: El the Sensai

Take steps on the mission with the H2O addition
Artifacts nigga listen on the track we never slippin
Bust a busta plus him leavin niggaz in my dust
Pack a marker in my tu to hit the path or the bus
Straight from New Jeru it’s the nigga MC El
Kick it swell so tell the boys so they be jeal
Hit your ass across the chamber cuz you got a glass jaw
Baby Pah, I get raw, the best you ever saw
Crews get dissed, with my lyrical fitness
I bruise with my News, so be the Eyewitness
I kicked it, to rip this, to be the mag-nificent
Prolific get specific, the groove is mad isn’t it
MC El I’m out to the left motherfucker
I got the groovin sound if you wanna get down


I put you down if you wanna get down (4X)

Verse Two: DL

Get down on it
Yo, it’s the nigga with some ruffness
Ahh, and then I bust you with some tough…
shit that I kick, when it spills from the grill
Strapped with Artifacts on the track and Raquel
From the Y-O, and you know we gets HIGH-YO
So r-i-i-i-i-iiiight
Don’t try to press it kid, you know DL
is not having it, word to life you get stitched
Too bitch to get down, represent and bring in a gun
Pops the trunk if it’s beef that make up
Everything is real, I feel what’s real
Now a nigga’s packin steel and I won’t guard my grill
So watch what you say when you come around my way
And if you’re scared say you’re scared
“But don’t be afraid”
Quiet as kept, Strong Isle
I vic em and I stick em
A bitch ass nigga til he bleeds to death
And let the fans donate what’s left
of the body, I gotta thank George and Koty
Who rests in the fly where it’s live and happening
And niggaz definitely be strapping

Verse Three: Raquel

Still slow, while currents be driftin on a memory
Just to get down from uptown, I’m with whate

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#Lil #Sumthing.

A Lil Sumthing.

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