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Lirik ? | The place menawarkan lirik terbesar di Indonesia

Apakah Anda mencari lirik ? bukan? Jika demikian, silakan lihat sekarang.

Lirik ?.

Wake up your mind try to setting up
Government is sucks misery still going on
Don’t know where we live
And don’t know where we hide in this life
The system broke down what have we done
Until my country lost everything inside
Made everybody crazy until they fuck this world
Fix them all everything so fine
That u must know if make u feel good
Are u ready to fight, are u ready judge
That is one reason to fight
There’s just one thing i try to say
When everything seem so fade away
And I look around I see somebody there
But they only standing still…
I feel don’t understand nothing at all
Politics have made me so blind
They talking about nothing
What have they done to me?
Only formality
They think about themselves
Never care about us

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