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'My Best Friend's Girl' The Cars Guitar Lesson và các hình ảnh liên quan đến best friend chord này.

'My Best Friend's Girl' The Cars Guitar Lesson
'My Best Friend's Girl' The Cars Guitar Lesson

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'My Best Friend's Girl' The Cars Guitar Lesson.

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  1. Really nice job teaching this! There is one more phrase that I love too – kind of a broken surf rhythm pattern (same chords up the neck) that Easton plays under the vocals – frosting on the cake!

  2. hi jase, there are so many different ways to play this , but you always seem to make it so understandable and easy for anyone to try and have a go at it, for this i am truly grateful and hang on every lesson you ever teach me, i cant get enough of your lessons and love you so much for everything show me and my guitar playing has improved enormously in the time i have been following you sir,,,,,keep these lessons coming jase xx

  3. Extraordinarily crisp interpretation of a song that I have always struggled to get right – until now – thank you! To think that Elliot was dropping country licks in the middle of the New Wave movement was great and you've really captured it great here – Thanks Jason.

  4. hi jase, has anyone ever told you … magnificent you are, ive been trying to learn Elliot eastons solo for years and every other teacher has made it difficult to learn , you have simplified it and now made it easy for a dimwit like me to learn ….jase I love you mate

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